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Waste and Recycling

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A range of specialist machinery for waste management safety

Waste and recycling safety

Waste and recycling facilities are complex work sites with several associated risks. Confined sorting bays have reduced line of site caused by material piles and high numbers of visiting vehicles. When you combine this with the requirement for people to be present, the need for strong safety management and control is evident.

Our SensorZone proximity warning system has proved to be highly effective in reducing accidents, keeping workers safe and minimising facility downtime in a variety of waste management and recycling applications. The range of system options and configurations means that sites can remain highly productive whilst at the same avoiding false alerts and keeping everyone on site safe.

GKD’s Safety Control Systems can also be applied to ensure that machines operate within their safe operating limits, and the constraints of the buildings and infrastructure around them.

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Series 2-TH

Our Series 2-TH is a telehandler height limiter, ideal for waste and recycling sites.


Discover how SensorZone can protect workers in the waste industry.

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