Safety assurance in a highly regulated industry.


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Supporting vital transport and logistics links.

Maintaining rail infrastructure globally

Railways across the globe provide vital transport and logistic routes. Being an innovator in supporting the safe maintenance of this network has been part of the GKD proposition since the company’s inception in 1996. The combination of passing trains and complex on-site hazards – including overhead cables, structures and specialist Road Rail Vehicles – means that safety has to be the focus for all on-track and track-side operations.

The GKD specialised Rated Capacity Indicators are a reflection of the deep level of understanding and experience gained from supporting the UK and global rail infrastructure. The UK is one of the most highly regulated and safety-focused rail industries. GKD is proud to be the first supplier of Rated Capacity Indicators (RCI’s) to have received accreditation that is still in place today.

GKD RCI systems are extremely flexible and can be applied to Hi or Low-Rail systems, variable gauge as well as wheeled or tracked machines, different boom configurations, as well as aerial platform applications. They can be used for working on or alongside the tracks, as well as for working alongside open rail lines (ALO) and under overhead equipment (OLE).

GKD’s understanding of the requirements for Rail RCI systems extends to the need for detailed pre-planning of each and every lift carried out. The unique GKD ‘Lift Planning Tool’ enables machine specific data to be used to optimise the selection of equipment and the safe planning of specific lifts.

In an industry that places safety at the heart of all of its operations, GKD is seeing growing use of proximity warning or anti-collision systems becoming an important tool in protecting operatives. SensorZone is an important tool to support the safe delivery of rail construction and maintenance projects. The 360-degree coverage provided by the system, its flexibility in terms of machine type and the fact that it is not impacted by environmental conditions or night-time working, mean that it is a highly effective tool for safety assurance.

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Series 3

Series 3 meets all the requirements for overnight working, working under overhead cables and adjacent and open line operation.


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