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Ports and Airports

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Safety for shipping and marine logistics

Marine worksites are often tough on machines and operators, and it can be difficult to ensure safe and accurate operation in these challenging environments with low visibility. GKD has worked hard to deliver a range of solutions to tackle these problems and improve safety in ports and marine worksites.

The Safety Control Solutions range can support where machines are working in confined areas and where there maybe existing infrastructure to work around (or within). While supporting operators who are required to carry out lifting operations (or when dredging), the system’s ability to work on long reach excavators makes it an excellent choice for this application.

The range of large machinery used in ports and dockyards allows for various GKD systems to be implemented, from height limiting solutions for telehandlers and dock handling equipment to Proximity Warning for personnel safety. SensorZone has been implemented in several port settings, providing reassurance where machines carrying large loads have limited visibility, or in dockside warehousing where forklifts and yard spotters operate in busy environments.

Busy airports with a range of logistics and handling operations taking place, from baggage to freight, often operating alongside airside operatives, means that safety of personnel and avoidance of collision with aircraft is a key concern. SensorZone can be deployed in these applications to protect valuable assets and to keep operatives safe.

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