Oil and Gas

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Maintaining operations and keeping people safe.

Safety for the oil and gas industries

The oil and gas sectors are hugely important to our everyday lives, and ones where workers can face significant safety risks. From 2013 to 2017 alone, 489 oil and gas extraction workers were fatally injured in the workplace (US Bureau of Labor, 2019). Many of these were caused by vehicle incidents, where a worker has been struck-by, caught-in, or caught-between a machine.

GKD offer a range of safety products that are specifically targeted at reducing such machine to personnel accidents, including our SensorZone proximity warning system. SensorZone places a detection zone around machines and alerts both worker and machine operator when someone enters the designated zone.

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Learn more about SensorZone and how it can help protect workers in the oil and gas industries.

Series 2-TH

Our Series 2-TH safety solution is specifically designed to restrict height on telehandlers.

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