Confined and busy environments where safety control is vital.

Industrial, Warehousing and Logistics

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Supporting safety and business continuity.

Safety for industrial, warehousing and logistics centres

In a warehouse or a logistics centre, dangers including fast moving vehicles, blind corners, tight pedestrian walkways and congested areas pose a significant risk to the safety of personnel. The frequent mixing of people and vehicles, such as forklift trucks, heighten the risk of collision.

GKD has seen a significant increase in interest from this sector. Forklift trucks are one of the most used industrial machines and are unsurprisingly linked to a high number of incidents involving personnel.

SensorZone has been developed with the warehouse and logistics market in mind. Key capabilities include ‘zoning out’ office areas to avoid false alarms, crossing controls for pedestrian walkways, entry and exit door operation, and alternative alert methods where noise-based alerts are not viable or appropriate.

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