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Construction and Infrastructure

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Supporting a Zero Harm ambition.

For projects across the globe

Construction and infrastructure projects are evolving at a rapid pace. As the connected site of the future becomes a reality, Tier One Contractors are keenly focused on innovative technology that can drive productivity onsite while supporting stronger safety cultures across the industry.

GKD Technologies has been serving this sector for twenty years, helping to keep workers safe on some of the biggest projects in the UK and around the world.

Safety Control Solutions

Over this period, the requirement to build in more complex environments has driven an increase in demand for machine monitoring and control systems.

Whether working in confined spaces underground or managing the risks of working next to a live highway, the GKD range of safety control solutions have been developed to provide warnings and ensure safe operation, whilst completing a variety of tasks, often in constrained environments. Preventing accidents not only keeps people safe, it also keeps sites moving and protects the significant investment in machines and site infrastructure.

GKD has a range of products from easily installed and cost-effective entry level systems, through to fully integrated machine control solutions. GKD’s network of partners are available to advise, install or support whichever system is required.

Proximity Warning Systems

SensorZone has been developed to support the industries focus on managing the risk when people, plant and equipment interact onsite. Often referred to as the “People Plant Interface,” statistics show a worrying trend in the increasing number of accidents and fatalities caused when machines collide with workers. Successful trials on major projects demonstrate how the use of proximity warning systems can play a vital role in protecting people and keeping worksites moving.


With ambitious sustainability targets being set across the globe for construction, the use of telematics and data for decision making is now commonplace. GKD is perfectly positioned to support this. GKD products deliver data that empowers users to make decisions about site design, identify training needs and support the development of a single safe source of data from accident reporting to machine utilisation.

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