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Supporting clients across multiple industries

Safety first, whatever the industry

For over 25 years, GKD has focused on developing technology and solutions that keep people safe.

We have an experienced in-house technical team who are used to adapting and developing products in response to specific customer and industry requirements. Being flexible and agile are attributes that have served us well, as our products are adopted across new industries and sectors.

Construction and Infrastructure

From major infrastructure projects to road building and regeneration works, the GKD product range is focused on maximising operational productivity whilst maintaining the highest levels of safety.


GKD is a leader in providing innovative solutions for rail maintenance and new infrastructure development, delivering the highest standards of safety on machines, and for protecting workers on site.

Waste and Recycling

Prioritising safety on these complex work sites is a priority and understanding the sector's unique requirements has been a focus for the full range of GKD products.

Industrial and Warehousing

In a challenging environment where many machines operate close to pedestrians and within constrained operational areas, managing the interface between people and equipment is vital. GKD has the experience and the adaptable products to meet all needs.

Ports and Airports

In the complex and busy environments of both ports and airports, where many large machines of different types operate close to personnel, our technology can keep people and machines safe as a priority.

Agriculture & Forestry

With a flexible range of height and slew control systems, that are ideal for flail mowers or any other articulated boom application, as well as front loaders, GKD has a solution to keep workers and machines safe.

New Industries

Our long history of innovating and collaborating with clients has opened up a huge range of industries. If you think that we can help to protect your people, why not get in touch?