SensorZone Insights Platform

Using data to inform decisions and improve workplace safety.

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SensorZone Insights Platform is a game-changing health and safety dashboard that brings together leading technologies to deliver actionable insights – making it the first of its kind in the industry.

Our aim is to provide businesses, managers and individuals with a greater depth of information and context that enables them to make informed decisions about safety on their work site, positively affects the behavioural change of workers, and most importantly keeps people as safe as they can be.

“The SensorZone Insights Platform offers a fantastic insight into safety on our sites and has definitely helped us to improve our processes and employee engagement with safety.”

Identify high risk areas using heatmaps

Adding your work sites to SensorZone Insights is as simple as drawing the perimeters on a map. The heatmap will then log every incursion on the site, allowing you to identify the exact areas that have a high volume of incursions and adapt your site layout so it’s as safe and efficient as possible.

See detailed incursion insights

See detailed incursion data, including the number of incursions per day, how many tags are active, and how quickly incursions are being acknowledged.

You can also see which machines and which tags are being involved in the most incursions, meaning you can identify employees that may need additional training or reminding of best practise behaviour and processes.

See data on every single tag or machine

Every incursion or tag test for each individual tag is recorded, along with whether the incursion was acknowledged and exactly where it occurred on site.

This gives you a granular level of detail to help inform your decision making.

A constantly improving product

We have an extensive and ambitious development roadmap over the next year, with highlights including:

  • Real-time alerts that allow proactive action to prevent injury and loss of life
  • Comprehensive reporting functionality
  • Machine idle time statistics
  • Incorporation of GKD Series 2 and 3 data


One source of truth.

Aggregating different safety data sources, to give a more meaningful view of what is happening and provide a context for your safety metrics. ​


Engagement in safety.

Make everyone responsible for safety by delivering data that is engaging, measured consistently and tracked so that change and improvement can be understood.​

Providing a...

Flexible, accessible platform.

Easy to access, intuitive dashboard that is responsive. Flexible, open API and easy to integrate with other technologies.​ SensorZone Insights enables you to demonstrate your safety credentials and evidence positive safety culture. ​

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