Using data to inform decisions and improve workplace safety.

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About SafetyZone

SafetyZone is a cloud-based, digital health and safety platform that empowers users by providing data to inform decisions and improve workplace safety.

With a best-in-class approach, SafetyZone will bring together leading health and safety technologies to deliver actionable insights making it the first of its kind in the industry. This initial phase sees the integration of SensorZone, our leading proximity warning system, with a roadmap for 2022 which enables SafetyZone to incorporate an ecosystem of innovative safety solutions.

Why SafetyZone?

Digitalisation; driving data but not behaviour.

Construction and other heavy industries are experiencing rapid digitalisation, as different suppliers focus on making smart, connected products businesses are being flooded with data delivered through a plethora of reports and dashboards.

While individually these provide good sources of information, GKD believe there is much greater value in combining them. Providing businesses, managers and individuals with a greater depth of information and context that enables them to make informed decisions about safety on their job site, affecting behavioural change and most importantly to keep people as safe as they can be.

What makes SafetyZone different?

Easily integrated, giving absolute visibility.

SafetyZone cloud software is centered around a secure platform capable of handling large amounts data, from multiple sources. This data is then aggregated to provide users with a view of safety that covers multiple dimensions and gives context to operational metrics, something that is often absent from traditional health and safety dashboards.

Designed to integrate easily with a range of technology partners SafetyZone will include data from telematics, wearable technologies, collision avoidance and innovative safety technology partners as well as a range of safety control products already available from GKD Technologies.

What will SafetyZone deliver?

Data driven health & safety.

Understanding where, when, which machine and in which application incidents are happening enables us to provide context and actionable insights. Helping you to:

  • Design the safest, most efficient site layout.
  • Identify training opportunities and best practise behaviour or processes.
  • Ensure your fleet mix is optimised.
  • Encourage some healthy competition across teams and projects.

Moving forwards SafetyZone will be able to provide real time alerts that allow proactive or pre-emptive action to prevent injury and loss of life.


One source of truth.

Aggregating different safety data sources, to give a more meaningful view of what is happening and provide a context for your safety metrics. ​


Engagement in safety.

Make everyone responsible for safety by delivering data that is engaging, measured consistently and tracked so that change and improvement can be understood.​

Providing a...

Flexible, accessible platform.

Easy to access, intuitive dashboard that is responsive. Flexible, open API and easy to integrate with other technologies.​ SafetyZone enables you to demonstrate your safety credentials and evidence positive safety culture. ​

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