Improving telehandler safety through height limitation

Series 2-TH

Intelligent height limiting for telehandlers

The Series 2-TH system provides realtime height monitoring and protection to all types of telehandler.

It is designed for use when telehandlers are operating in restricted or confined spaces, such as underneath power lines or while lifting into buildings.

The system is self-explanatory and operator-friendly through the use of simple graphical interfaces and touch screen controls.

How does it work?

The system continually measures the angle of the boom together with the length of the extension of the telescopic section, ensuring height limits are not exceeded.

Telehandler height limits can be either keyed-in manually or set automatically by positioning the machine equipment at the required height.

Push button controls ensure that operating the system is easy. An override mode can be selected via the key switch when height limits are not required. When the system is disengaged or power off is selected, the previous settings are retained.

Suitable for use on all kinds of telehandler.

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