A flexible height, slew and load safety system with full envelope control

Series 2-LHS+

Introducing the Series 2-LHS+

The GKD Series 2 range of Rated Capacity Indicators offer a practical and effective way of monitoring and controlling the working height, rotation and load capacity of machinery.

The Series 2-LHS+ increases safety during lifting operations and is highly adaptable working on a variety of machines, including wheeled and tracked excavators whatever their boom configuration.

It is a flexible safety system, which in its basic form is a load indicator, but can easily be configured to incorporate height and slew monitoring. The system is also available with intelligent motion cut facilities to control the safe movement of height, slew and load.

The Series 2-LHS+ is expected to be available in January 2022.

Key features

The Series 2-LHS+ has an advanced range of features that include the following:

  • Virtual walls/full envelope control
  • Stepped and full proportional control
  • ALO approved for trackside working
  • Improved LCD touch screen
  • Supervisor key switch
  • Dig depth indication

You can find further details on each of these in the ‘features in detail’ section of this page.

Suitable for tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, and more.

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Features in detail

Virtual walls
Ideal for highway construction, the 2-LHS+ offers the option of a ‘Virtual Wall’ function. The virtual wall – also known as envelope control – function can be programmed to the safe parameters of the machine’s required working area. Working in conjunction with the slew and height control, this prevents the excavator’s boom operating outside its safe zone.

This function increases the usability of the machine and allows for optimisation of the ‘working area’. Should the machine approach its pre-set limit an external audible alarm will warn the operator. The optional intelligent motion-cut, if installed, will stop the machine and only allow safe movement.

Proportional control
The system has stepped proportional control for a smoother approach to slew or height limits. As an optional add-on you can also get full proportional control, for instances where precision and finite control are required.

Trackside working
Dual process verification for Adjacent Line Open (ALO) working, so that the machine can work alongside open rail lines or roads, and for working when higher performance is required under overhead obstructions or wires.

Always in control
The integrated supervisor key switch enables height, slew and load limits to be set and not overridden. The disable key switch allows the system to be switched off when not required.

Improved screen
The 2-LHS+ has an improved larger screen, making it easy to read and operate in all light conditions and in open or closed cabs.

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