Integrated Load, Slew and Height control in a Rated Capacity Indicator.

Series Two

Intelligent height, slew and load control

The Series 2 range of safety control products provide integrated solutions for controlling height, slew and load. They each provide a more sophisticated level of control for the operator and greater flexibility for increasingly complex worksites.

Series 2 products are compatible with a range of boom configurations, including four-piece, variable-angle and long reach excavators. Using an intuitive graphical display, the operator is provided with information that drives productivity by maximising the safe working range of a machine.

Series 2-TH

Self-installation height limiting for telehandlers.

A simple, accurate, cost effective height limiting system, suitable for self-installation and designed specifically for telehandlers.

The Series 2-TH height limiter is designed to protect workers from overhead danger when operating in restricted conditions.

Suitable for use on: Telehandlers.

Series 2-HS

Intelligent height and slew limiting.

Designed for use on construction sites where machines are operating in confined height or restricted areas.

The Series 2-HS offers the ability to monitor and control height, slew, or a combination of both, in real-time. The system alerts the machine operator when approaching and breaching a set limit, with an optional intelligent motion-cut to prevent infringements.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and tractors.

Series 2-LHS

A fully compliant and highly flexible height, slew and load safety control system.

The Series 2-LHS combines height, slew and load control into one intelligent rated capacity indicator. It has been engineered to meet the increasing compliance requirements for human and machine safety and protection and to satisfy regulation regarding use of excavators as a crane.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators and wheeled excavators.

Series 2-LHS+

Coming soon!

The Series 2-LHS+ is a highly flexible height, slew and load safety control system with full envelope control.

The system increases safety during lifting operations and is highly adaptable working on a variety of machines, including wheeled and tracked excavators, whatever their boom configuration.

A flexible safety system which in its basic form is a simple load indicator – but can easily be configured to incorporate height and slew monitoring. The Series-2LHS+ is also available with intelligent motion cut facilities to control the safe movement of height, slew and or load.

For highway construction, the LHS+ offers the option of a ‘Virtual Wall’ function. The virtual wall or envelope control function can be programmed to the safe parameters of the machine’s required working area, working in conjunction with the slew and height control. This prevents the excavator’s boom operating outside its safe zone. This function increases the usability of the machine and allows for optimisation of the ‘working area’.

Should the machine approach its pre-set limit, an external audible alarm will warn the operator. The optional intelligent motion-cut, if installed, will stop the machine and only allow safe movement.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators, wheeled excavators and backhoe loaders.

Why choose Series 2?

  • Quick start-up time of five seconds.
  • Pre-defined or operator set limits by moving machine within safe working envelope.
  • Pre-emptive stopping to avoid machine bounce, overshoot and undershoot.
  • Multi-point virtual wall capability for restriction on any site.
  • Easy (push button) lifting duty selection, with ten zones within the slew rotation.
  • Optional key switch controls enable supervisor limit setting and system isolation.
  • All actions are logged to support training, best practise review and near-miss or accident reporting.

Supporting safety in a range of industries.

The Series 2 safety systems are extremely adaptable and can be applied across a broad range of machines and working environments.

Waste and Recycling
Ports and Marine
Warehousing and Industrial