The next-generation system for maximising the safety and productivity of excavators on site

Series Two

Much more than machine control

Series 2 brings market-leading load, height and slew control with a range of next-generation integration capabilities.

At its core, Series 2 is a powerful system thatoffers a practical and effective way of monitoring and controlling the working height, rotation and load capacity of a machine.

The system is trusted and deployed in a wide range of industries and environments, ranging from construction and forestry, to energy and mining.

Our latest upgrade adds a powerful new graphics-based display and an all-new Bosch controller into the system, enabling straightforward integration with cameras, proximity warning technology, advanced telematics, speed sensors and more.

You can invest in Series 2 knowing that it will offer you an increasing number of capabilities as our ecosystem of products continues to grow.


Safety-focused innovation

The Series 2 system enables the operator to set safe working limits for machinery, ensuring site hazards or risks are avoided and that the machine’s productivity is maximised.

Using dedicated, high accuracy sensors and an easy-to-use interface, the system provides visual and audible warnings when limits are approached.

The system is designed to pre-empt movement and implement smooth motion cuts as the pre-set limits approach, ensuring they are not breached.

Approved for ALO/ATO working

Series 2 is the first Network Rail certified solution with full lifting capability, allowing you to perform lifting operations while in the High Performance zone.

When coupled with the steering lock and remote hydraulic shut-off, you have the freedom to excavate and/or lift safely and effectively, while ensuring the maximum safety of passengers on the rail network.

Built for maximum efficiency

Get optimal lift performance

The system can have up to 36 pre-defined lifting zones – maximising productivity by ensuring the most efficient use of your machine in any lifting position.

Designed for intuitive use

A large 7” touch screen display with straightforward interfaces and quick function buttons means that it’s easier than ever to set limits and navigate the system.

Precision control as standard

Series 2 gives you the unique flexibility of parallel or multipoint virtual walls, enhancing safety of operation whilst maintaining flexibility all whilst under full motion control.

This makes it ideal for working in confined surroundings or close to open traffic lanes, and when combined with height limits for working under overhead obstructions.

A range of game-changing integrations


Bringing 360-degree visibility around the machine through the use of four AI-powered cameras

Advanced telematics

Get leading indicators in real time by using J1939 to report on advanced vehicle data

Speed sensors

Active monitoring of vehicleacceleration andspeed patterns

Proximity warning

SensorZone proximity warning technology aims to reduce incidents between people and vehicles on-site

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Series 2 for Hydradig

A safety system perfect for the JCB Hydradig

We have been working for two years to develop and test an RCI system that provides true safety features, whilst optimising the Hydradig’s performance.

We are proud to have developed one of the first RCIs to work with electro-hydraulics – experience that has facilitated the development of a system that truly integrates with the JCB Hydradig.