Integrated Load, Slew and Height control in a Rated Capacity Indicator.

Series Two

Intelligent height, slew and load control

The Series 2 range is designed to maximise the safety of personnel and productivity of excavators on site, providing intelligent solutions for controlling height, slew and load.

The next generation of the Series 2 products are versatile, adaptable systems designed specifically for the construction sector. They are the first GKD civils products to be Network Rail approved, with systems suitable for use in low performance and high performance zones.

As a leading supplier of Rated Capacity Indicators to the construction and rail industry for over twenty years, we have drawn on our experience of delivering robust, intuitive systems for this ever evolving market and its increasing safety requirements.

Series 2HS

Intelligent height and slew limiting.

Designed for use on construction sites where machines are operating in confined height or restricted areas.

The Series 2HS offers the ability to monitor and control height, slew, or a combination of both, in real-time.

It is Network Rail approved for ALO and OLE operations in low performance zones, with an upgrade available to the 2HS+ for operation in high performance zones.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and tractors.

Series 2LHS

A flexible height, slew and load safety control system.

The Series 2LHS combines height, slew and load control into one intelligent rated capacity indicator. It has been engineered to meet the increasing compliance requirements for human and machine safety and protection and to satisfy regulation regarding use of excavators as a crane.

The Series 2LHS is Network Rail approved for ALO and OLE operations in low performance zones.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators and wheeled excavators.

Series 2LHS+

Advanced height, slew and load limiting.

The Series 2LHS+ is an advanced and flexible safety system that can be configured to monitor load, height and slew.

It has an increased number of features, a larger LCD touch screen display, and is Network Rail approved for ALO and OLE operations in high performance zones.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders and more.

Why choose Series 2?

  • Quick start-up time of five seconds
  • Unique flexibility of parallel or multipoint virtual walls, providing full envelope control
  • Pre-emptive stopping algorithms with slow-down zones for a smoother approach to slew or height limits
  • Up to 36 predefined lifting zones that maximise the productivity of your machine
  • Visual and audible warnings when limits are approached
  • Optional key switch controls enable supervisor limit setting and system isolation
  • Real-time data logging provides detailed management information for improving safety and performance
  • A standard screen across the range gives end users complete flexibility and minimises training requirements for operators
  • Operators are shown the machine’s position against all parameters, giving them absolute visibility their machines position and status
  • Developed using our most reliable and recently enhanced rail software as a base

Series 2TH

Discover our leading telehandler safety system

A simple, accurate and cost effective height limiting system for telehandlers.

The Series 2TH height limiter is suitable for self-installation and is designed to protect workers from overhead danger when operating in restricted conditions.

Suitable for use on: Telehandlers.

Series 2 for Hydradig

A safety system perfect for the JCB Hydradig

We have been working for two years to develop and test an RCI system that provides true safety features, whilst optimising the Hydradig’s performance.

We are proud to have developed one of the first RCIs to work with electro-hydraulics – experience that has facilitated the development of a system that truly integrates with the JCB Hydradig.

Supporting safety in a range of industries.


The Series 2 safety systems are extremely adaptable and can be applied across a broad range of machines and working environments.

Waste and Recycling
Ports and Marine
Warehousing and Industrial