Fully Rail certified and approved Rated Capacity Indicator.

Series Three

Safety solutions for rail

GKD Technologies is the leading supplier of envelope and load control systems for Road Rail Vehicles (RRV’s) in the UK. The Series 3 is specifically developed for the rail industry, meeting all the requirements for overnight working, working under overhead cables and adjacent and open line operation.

With over twenty-five years of development the Series 3 represents ultimate reliability and accuracy.

The system monitors the machines load status and compares it to the machine’s true lift capacity while monitoring the boom position, slew, gradient, rail cant, and axle lock configuration. By continuously calculating this data the operator is able to make full use of the machine’s lift capacity in every position.

Why choose Series 3?

Key Features

  • Intelligent control ensures machine can be recovered to the safe working zone but prevents movement further into overload.
  • Intelligent hydraulic motion cut provides graduated, smooth control of hydraulic functions as they approach the set limits.
  • Multi-point virtual wall capability, as well as height and slew limits.
  • Easy (push button) lifting duty selection, with 57 zones within the slew rotation.
  • Optional key switch controls enable supervisor limit setting and system isolation.
  • All actions are logged to support training, best practise review and near-miss or accident reporting.

A reliable solution

To attain approval for working in close proximity to live overhead wires or adjacent to open rails the Series 3 Rated Capacity Indicator has been extensively enhanced to protect against system sensor malfunction, software inconsistency and electronic failures.

  • Dual processing verification.
  • Dual sensors.
  • Gyro compensated gravity angle sensors.

Suitable for use on road rail excavators and road rail MEWPs.

Series 3... A flexible and adaptable solution

Designed for use across a range of Road Rail Vehicles and applications

Tandem Lift

Series 3 Wireless Tandem Lift System

Enabling machines to be used without any additional de-rate and without panel restrictions, maximising productivity and making your operations more efficient.


Mobile Elevated Work Platform solution

Coming soon: A system to support the safe use of Road Rail Mobile Elevated Work Platforms.

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