Easy control of machine slew

Series 1-S

Slew control for excavators and heavy machinery

The Series 1-S is a simple, accurate, cost effective slew limiting system suitable for self-installation.

The system is designed to guarantee safety and prevent machine damage when operating in confined spaces.

How does it work?

The 1-S allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits from the operator station. These then restrict the machine to working solely within that pre-defined slew sector.

As the left or right slew limit is reached, a hydraulic solenoid valve is released to cut off the relevant slew hydraulic service, and therefore prevent the machine from entering the exclusion zone. Slew operation in the opposite direction – back into the “safe” zone – is still permitted.

Suitable for use on: Tracked excavators, wheeled excavators, backhoe loaders, tractors and lorry loading cranes.

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