Cost effective height and slew control

Series 1HS

Combined height and slew control for smaller excavators

The Series 1HS is an entry-level combined height and slew control system, allowing operators to quickly and easily set machine height and slew limits.

It emits audible and visual alerts as the limits are approached and restricts further motion once the limits are hit.

The 1HS brings together two of GKD’s popular existing systems – the Series 1H (for height control) and Series 1S (for slew control).

Optimised for smaller machines

The Series 1HS addresses the demand for smaller excavators requiring an affordable, easy-to-install height and slew limiting system.

It has designed to be straightforward to operate and comes with minimal complexity.

A cost-effective solution

Protecting your workers and equipment doesn’t need to be expensive.

The Series 1HS offers a budget-friendly option for smaller excavators, whilst maintaining the quality that GKD is renowned for.

Robust with proven reliabilty

The GKD Series 1 range has been protecting smaller machines and fleets for more than a decade and is backed by over 1000 successful deployments.

The new 1HS is built on the same robust and reliable platform, from a brand and supplier you can trust.

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