Single function control of Height, Slew or Load

Series One

Cost effective control.

A cost-effective solution when only height, slew or load need to be controlled. The Series One range of products are simple and easy to install, robust and reliable, easy to use and operate.

Series 1-H

Effective protection from overhead danger.

Suitable for self-installation this product is designed to protect workers from overhead danger when it is difficult to judge the actual height of the machine from within the cab. This entry level height limiting system monitors the angle of a single boom and provides a motion cut signal output when the angle is exceeded.

  • Machine operator is able to define the pre-set limit by moving the boom into position.
  • Motion cut when limit reached prevents movement of the boom into an unsafe zone.

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Series 1-S

Simple control of machine slew (rotation).

A simple, motion control solution designed to guarantee safety and prevent machine damage when operating in confined spaces. The 1-S allows the machine operator to quickly and easily set left and right slew limits from the operator station. These then restrict the machine to working solely within that pre-defined slew sector.

  • Intuitive to operate and easy to install.
  • Proprietary algorithms ensure dangerous slew overshoots avoided.

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Series 1-L

Reliable load control.

This simple, accurate load control system monitors the load moment status of a machine being used for lifting and alerts the operator as the machine approaches the maximum lift capacity (or the potential for overload).

  • The operator is provided with a visual indication of load status as it passes 50%, 75% and 100% of the machine’s maximum safe lift capacity.
  • Additional audible warning as 100% of safe lift capacity is achieved.
  • Maximise lift capacity and productivity.
  • Reduce risk of machine overturn through overloading.
  • Complies with UK and EU legislation for lifting duties.

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