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GKD Rail


Now available in the United States and Canada!

Since the launch of the ALO SpaceGuard system over a decade ago, GKD have been the leading global supplier of height, slew and load control systems for Road Rail Vehicles (RRVs).

The new GKD Rail system is a combined hardware, software, and cloud platform that draws on this experience of delivering accurate, reliable and innovative safety systems to the sector and sets a new standard for rail industry safety.

Building on 20+ years of heritage, our industry-leading rated capacity indicator sits at the heart of GKD Rail. This enables users to take advantage of ALO/ATO working, wireless tandem lifting, advanced virtual walls, and WiFi connectivity.

It also allows for integration of pedestrian safety via the SensorZone proximity warning system, 360 AI cameras, tracking of assets, geofencing alerts and much more. The system is fully connected and provides real-time insights and actionable data though the GKD cloud platform.

Built for ATO/ALO working

ATO and ALO compliant

Meeting the highest regulatory requirements in the rail industry, GKD Rail is the leading safety and efficiency system for Any Track Open and Adjacent Line Open working. ATO/ALO compliance also covers Mobile Elevated Work Platforms and machines “in the dig”.

Reliable machine control

GKD Rail is the market-leading height, slew and load control system – improving the safety and efficiency of your rail maintenance operations.

Advanced virtual walls

Set safe working parameters for machine rotation and boom height, meaning the system only allows movements within the preset safe-working zone.

The industry-leading RCI

Network Rail approved

GKD Rail is fully compliant with EN-15746 regulations and Network Rail RIS 1530 Issue 6.

Bluetooth tandem lift

Our advanced wireless tandem lift system allows machines to be used without any additional de-rate or panel restrictions. The machines performing the lift don’t need to be identical, giving you greater flexibility.

WiFi connectivity

GKD Rail comes with full cloud and WiFi connectivity, future-proofing the system and enabling you to view real-time data from the RCI and any other devices connected to it.

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Showing you the data that matters, when it matters

GKD Rail is fully connected and provides relevant real-time insights and key safety leading indicators through our comprehensive Insights Platform. The Insights Platform can be accessed on any device, wherever you may be, giving you an unparalleled view of safety on your site.

Data-driven decision making

Utilise graphs, statistics and heat maps to make informed decisions on site safety. We take the endless streams of data and turn it into something that is meaningful and useful for you.

Geofencing and asset tracking

Advanced asset tracking gives you an overview of exactly where your machines and equipment are and the movements they make. Plus, our geofencing tool enables you to receive alerts if an asset leaves a designated area.

Connects with host machine telemetry

The Insights Platform can integrate with host machine telemetry, giving you a complete view of your safety, sustainability and efficiency data.

Advanced MEWP integration

GKD Rail has been built to support the safe use of Road Rail Mobile Elevated Work Platforms (MEWPs). It is fully approved for use on Adjacent Line Open (ALO) and Overhead Line Equipment (OLE) operations.

How it works

While a machine is moving, GKD Rail will protect the machine from moving into unsafe positions.

The system monitors the boom position, slew, gradient, rail cant, and axle lock configuration.

It also allows for the setting of safe working parameters for machine rotation and boom height and will only allow movements within the preset safe working zone.

Take a look at the system in action below:

Integrated with proximity warning technology

In a first of its kind, GKD Rail can integrate with the SensorZone proximity warning system to provide an all-encompassing safety system that protects both man and machine.

Market-leading, tag-based safety

SensorZone has been the standard-bearer for proximity warning systems over the last years, with deployments in four continents around the world across a range of industries.

Real-time incursion data

Get detailed incursion data by tags, machines and work sites at your fingertips. Providing safety professionals with the knowledge they need to proactively review site layouts, practices and training requirements.

Protecting people with AI cameras

GKD Rail integrates the Vision360 camera system to bring 360-degree visibility around the machine through the use of four AI-powered cameras.

The cameras identify pedestrian workers and notify the operator to their presence near the vehicle, increasing situational awareness and aiding collision prevention.

The camera feed and all alerts are fed through the existing GKD Rail display, meaning less clutter and screens in the cab.

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