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Safety Control Solutions

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Safety Control Solutions Range

Safety powered by information and control.

GKD Technologies provide a widely used, reliable range of machine safety control systems for use on a range of products whose common feature is an articulated arm or boom. As one of the first to market in 1994 the product range provides customers with straight-forward, single function control of either height, slew or load. Through to advanced, Rated Capacity Indicators delivering fully integrated machine control. This scope of capability ensures that whatever the site requirement, expectation or budget GKD has a Safety Control Solution that will meet the highest of industry standards.

GKD Safety Control Solutions are applicable for use in a variety of  applications and sectors and heavy machinery. The product range is split into three series, if you need help selecting the right product for you, use our quick reference guide.

Height | Slew | Load Control

Series One

Reliable, cost effective control to reduce risk by managing a single function of height, slew or load individually.

Height | Slew | Load Control Combined

Series Two

Integrated load, slew and height control in a Rated Capacity Indicator, providing a more sophisticated level of control, designed specifically for use in the civil sector.

Rail Certified Rated Capacity Indicator

Series Three

Fully Rail certified and approved Rated Capacity Indicator, meeting the requirements for overnight working, working under overhead cables and adjacent and open line operation.