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Proximity Warning System

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Discover SensorZone

Technology proven to reduce collisions between people and machines.

SensorZone Proximity Warning System

SensorZone is a robust, high-quality Proximity Warning System – also known as a Collision Avoidance System – with a proven track record for improving safety in the workplace. This modular, easy fit system creates a detection zone around machinery and equipment. In the event of a person entering this zone, a unique triple collision alert is activated.

SensorZone has been subject to multiple, wide-scale deployments across a range of industries, supporting companies who are looking to drive a positive safety culture and reduce accidents in the workplace. GKD Technologies has focused the development on maintaining the systems simplicity of use, operation and maintenance. This approach promotes engagement, adoption and behavioural safety change amongst workforces.

External beacons and internal LEDs

Visual Alerts

Using a combination of external beacons and LEDs for the operator in the cab, our visual alerts are an important part of the SensorZone warning system.

In-cab and external sound alarms


In-cab operators will receive a distinct audible warning in the event of a potential risk. Externally our optional sound alarm has a choice of over thirty-two different alerts.

Wherever you wear it

Vibration & Audible

The tag wearer will feel the tag vibrate whether it is worn on a hat, lanyard or item of clothing. It will also emit a distinctive sound alert.

Keeping people safe, in any industry.

The SensorZone system is extremely adaptable and can be applied across a broad range of machines and working environments.

Waste and Recycling
Ports and Marine
Warehousing and Industrial

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Alerting the operator and the person at risk.

Let everyone be responsible for safety.

In the event of an incursion into the detection zone, both the operator and person at risk get an alert.

Flexibility for all machine types and sizes.

Simply add base stations to create larger detection zones.

Our proximity warning system gives you 360-degree configurable coverage for different machines and applications. This ensures consistent accident prevention across the worksite.

Data that drives behavioural change.

Measure, review and identify risk.

SensorZone keeps a data log and analysis of all actions and incidents.

This supports the proactive management of site safety and helps to identify where additional training may be required.

Tags, part of your Personal Protective Equipment.

Providing a personal view of safety and behaviour.

The SensorZone proximity warning system comes with intelligent anti-tamper tags. Each tag has an average battery life of 3 years, so you don’t have to worry about recharging them.

It is a proven, low maintenance design that has already been protecting workforces across the globe for millions of man hours.

Simple set up and installation.

A solution that is easily adopted.

SensorZone is consistently recognised for its simplicity and how quickly teams engage with the system.

Relative to other systems, SensorZone is quick and simple to install, with an average installation time of just 60 minutes. This reduces downtime and keeps your site working.

A complete safety system.

SensorZone Components

SensorZone is a complete system, comprising all of the following components to ensure that all people, assets and machinery are monitored and protected.


  • No recharging required, minimum three-year operational battery life
  • Flexible wearing options, such as on a hard hat, hi-vis, or lanyard
  • Audio and vibration alerts ensure effectiveness in all working environments
  • Tamperproof design that works wherever your team does.

Base Station

  • Generates the configurable detection zones around any vehicle or machine
  • WiFi configuration enables fast set-up and download of daily log files
  • Data logging for all activity and incursions into the detection zone drives safety improvements and safety culture.


  • External antennas with 10m range.
  • Add a second antenna for larger machines or in application where distinct zones are required, to create the most effective detection zone.
  • Adaptable and flexible to maximise coverage.

Tag Test Unit

  • Used at the beginning and end of each shift to ensure optimum safety performance
  • Audio, vibration and visual feedback provides certainty that all personnel are protected
  • Keeps a record of all tests to ensure compliance, and can be integrated with site entry systems
  • WiFi connectivity for fast download of records, avoiding disruption to ongoing operations.


  • Visual and audible feedback for operators increasing effectiveness in all environments.
  • Three choices of display for a consistent experience on all site machines:
    1. Multi-function display: Provides audible and visual alerts, as well as system configuration options for specific requirements
    2. Push button: For use on smaller machines or where no cab is present.
    3. Digital display: For instances where remote connection to a base station is required.

Insights Platform

Using data to inform decisions.

SensorZone Insights Platform is a cloud-based, digital health and safety platform that empowers users by providing data to inform decisions and improve workplace safety.

With a best-in-class approach, Insights Platform brings together leading health and safety technologies to deliver actionable insights, making it the first of its kind in the industry.

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