First installs of new Hydradig safety system complete

We're excited to report that the first ten safety systems have been installed onto JCB Hydradig machines!

First installs of new Hydradig safety system complete

The team at GKD are excited to report that the first ten systems have been installed onto JCB Hydradig machines that have been sold via JCB Greenshields to UK hirer Flannery Plant Hire, for use on some of the UK’s largest projects. The installs were completed with our dedicated Service Engineers, supported by long-standing, expert installers Road Rail Plant and Ben Welham Engineering. It was definitely a case of “team work makes the dream work” to deliver these innovative safety solutions.

The NEW Series 2 product range delivers advanced envelope control and a robust rated capacity indicator (RCI), built on a platform that has delivered safety to the most highly regulated industry for plant and machinery, the UK rail sector.

Offering the unique flexibility of parallel or multipoint virtual walls, the systems provide full envelope control, enhancing safety of operation whilst maintaining flexibility all whilst under full motion control. It is the ideal solution for machines working in confined surroundings or close to open traffic lanes, and when combined with height limits for working under overhead obstructions.

The solution offers customers up to 36 pre-defined lifting zones that maximise the productivity of the machine, giving users complete control and the most efficient use of the machine in any lifting position. It also delivers pre-emptive stopping algorithms, with slow down zones for a smoother approach to slew or height limits and a cab protect feature that prevents attachments hitting machine cabs.

The Series 2LHS has been engineered specifically for JCB Hydradig, an innovative machine incorporating the latest in electro-hydraulic controls for optimum performance. GKD has worked closely with JCB for two years to develop and test an RCI system that provides true safety features, whilst optimising the Hydradig’s performance. We are proud to have developed one of the first RCIs to work with electro-hydraulics, experience that has facilitated the development of a system that truly integrates with the JCB Hydradig.

For more information visit our product pages or download the brochure.


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