What is a Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI)?

We explore what a Rated Capacity Indicator is, how they work, how to you know if you need one, and which machines they can be used on.

In this blog we’ll look at Rated Capacity Indicators (often shortened to RCI’s), including what they are, how they work, how do you know if you need one, and which machines they can be used on.

At GKD we have an RCI for rail, along with RCI’s for construction and civil engineering. Our rail system is the Series 3, and our construction/civils systems are the Series 2 range.

What does a Rated Capacity Indicator do?
The primary objective of Rated Capacity Indicator is to stop a machine (usually an excavator or road rail vehicle) from lifting more than it is safe to do so.

How does a Rated Capacity Indicator work?
The GKD RCI’s use a range of sensors to monitor a combination of load, height and slew. If the excavator is approaching the limits of lift safety, the operator is sent a warning on the system monitor and an alarm will sound.

Do I need to install a Rated Capacity Indicator on my excavator or road rail vehicle?
European standard EN474-5 states that you need to have one if you plan on lifting loads of over 1 tonne with an excavator. If you have a road rail vehicle conducting ALO lifting operations, then the law also states that it must have a Rated Capacity Limiter.

Are there any other benefits?
Whilst safety of the operator and surrounding workers is the primary benefit to having a Rated Capacity Indicator, you’re likely to see reduced machine repair costs due to the reduction of accidents, improved productivity and less machine idle time.

Do they come with any other features?
Some Rated Capacity Indicators, such as the GKD Series 2-LHS, can come with motion cut technology. This means that the system will automatically cut the machines motion before it exceeds the safe working limits. You can also get supervisor override key switches, so senior site personnel can take over from the operator and stop a machine if necessary.

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