What is a proximity warning system?

We explain exactly what a proximity warning system is, the key benefits they can provide, which machines can be used with them, and much more.

In this blog we’ll explore what a proximity warning system is, the benefits of having one, which industries and machines they’re suitable for, and much more!

What is a proximity warning system?
The technology behind a proximity warning system can take slightly different forms, but GKD’s SensorZone system uses a combination of base stations, antennas and sensors to create detection zones around certain areas or pieces of machinery. All on-site workers also wear electronic tags that are attached to the back of their hard hats or can be clipped onto a vest.

The idea is that when a someone enters a detection zone, both the machine operator and the intruding worker receive an alert to notify them of the breach. The operator can then stop the machine or the person can move out of the detection zone, in order to reduce the chances of a plant-to-personnel collision occurring.

What are the main benefits of having a proximity warning system?
The key benefit is the increase to on-site safety, due to the reduced chance of workers being injured by machines. A reduction in accidents has a whole load of knock-on benefits, such as improved productivity, less days off due to injury, increased machine usage hours, and the overall promotion of a safety-first cultural change.

Because all incursion data is recorded, managers can also identify potential high risk areas on-site and pinpoint any extra training requirements within the team.

Which machines can be used?
The SensorZone system is suitable for any type of machine! Due to the flexible and modular nature of SensorZone, when it comes to bigger machines you can just add extra base stations to create a larger detection zone.

Which industries are proximity warning systems suitable for?
The great thing about proximity warning systems is that they can be deployed across a wide range of industries. Our system has been used in industries such as construction, civil engineering, rail, waste recycling, agriculture, warehousing and ports/airports. You could incorporate a PWS in most places that might involve people coming into contact with machines!

Do proximity warning systems go by any other name?
Yes, these systems can have slight naming variations. You may also hear of them being called proximity alert system, collision avoidance systems and proximity detection systems, amongst others.

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