What is a load limiter?

We go into detail on what a load limiter is, the benefits of having one, and which machines they're suitable for.

In this blog we’ll look at load limiters (also known as load monitors), including why you might want to want to have load limits and restrictions on a machine, how they work, and which machines they could be used on.

At GKD, we have a number of safety solutions for load limitation, such as the Series 1-L, which solely manages load, or the Series 2-LHS, which also controls machine height and slew.

What does a load limiter do?
As the name suggests, the system maximises the lift capacity of a machine and reduces the risk of it overturning from being overloaded.

Why would you want a load limiter?
Keeping the operator and surrounding workforce safe is the key reason for installing these devices on machines. When a load limiter is installed, it only allows the machine to work within preset parameters. This stops the machine from lifting too much weight and reduces the risk of overturning. Furthermore, because the operator will be able to accurately work within the safe load limits, they will be able to maximise the productivity of the machine. Finally, as a knock-on effect of reduced overturning, you’re less likely to incur machine damage costs.

How does a load limiter work?
The Series 1-L provides the machine operator with a visual indication of load status as it passes 50%, 75% and 100% of the machine’s maximum safe lift capacity, with an additional audible warning as 100% of safe lift capacity is achieved.

It has an angle sensor fitted to the machine’s primary boom and a hydraulic pressure transducer measuring the hydraulic pressure in the primary boom lift cylinder.

Which machines are load limiters suitable for?
The GKD Series 1-L is suitable for a number of machines including hydraulic excavators, backhoe loaders, wheel loaders and lorry-mounted cranes.

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