What is a height and slew limiter?

We look into what a height and slew limiter is, the benefits of having one, and which machines they can be used on.

In this blog we’ll look at height and slew monitors, including why you might want to want to have limits and restrictions on machines, how they work, and which machines they’re suitable for.

At GKD, our main safety solution for height and slew limitation is the Series 2-HS, which is designed to maximise safety and productivity in confined areas. We also offer the Series 1-H and Series 1-S for single control of either height or slew.

Why would you want a height and slew limiter?
Operator safety is the key reason for installing these devices on machines. With a height and slew limiter installed, a machine (usually an excavator) can only operate inside preset parameters. This means that the machine arm won’t go too high and the machine won’t rotate too much. This is ideal for operating in confined spaces, where there might be overhead restrictions (such as powerlines ) and walls or pedestrianised areas close by.

As well as providing safer working conditions for the operator, by limiting the machine you’ll also be greatly reducing the risk of accidentally causing damage to the machine too.

How does a height and slew limiter work?
Our height and slew monitor combines a simple touch-screen interface with high accuracy sensors and our proven safety software. The operator can set the height and slew limits, then the system will sound an alert once the system reaches those limits. There’s also the option to have a motion cut feature, which automatically prevents the machine from infringing on the preset height and slew limits.

Which machines are height and slew monitors suitable for?
The GKD Series 2-HS is suitable for wheeled and tracked excavators, backhoe loaders and a range of other articulated boom machines.

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