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SiteZone, creating a safer work place by connecting data and technology.

SiteZone are GKD’s largest and most successful partner, leading the UK market (one of the most advanced and challenging safety markets in the world) since 2012. Regarded as the most widely deployed proximity warning solution, SiteZone uses GKD’s SensorZone as its underlying technology, as well as their internally developed, patent pending SmartBubble® technology for their plant to pedestrian interface solutions. SiteZone pride themselves on delivering unrivalled customer engagement, specialist site surveys, safety consultancy and aftermarket support.

They have been delivering innovative safety solutions to a range of industries including waste management, logistics and warehousing, rail, and on some of the largest construction and infrastructure projects in the UK.

Customer focused: solution based

SiteZone are experts at developing strong working relationships with customers and gaining traction and engagement across workforces. With decades of experience in safety solutions, SiteZone are able to understand customer needs so that they can apply their knowledge and understanding, aligning a range of connected technologies to achieve their safety aims, however they define them.

By working closely with clients in areas such as after sales service and training, they are able to adapt technology and respond to specific site requirements. This ensures that they are able to deliver improvements for clients and drive behavioural safety change.


SiteZone iNstant

A single box solution for easy, instant fit. No installation downtime, ideal for site transient vehicles or those on very short term hire and vehicles such as MEWPS, available with wireless remote display.

SiteZone Proximity Warning System

The UK’s leading proximity warning system SiteZone, has been used to reduce the risk of plant – personnel collisions across a range of industries with many thousands of successful installations.

OverSite Telematics

The OverSite telematics package significantly enhances the capability of SiteZone by allowing customers to remotely monitor the interaction between vehicles and personnel.


SmartBubble® Technology is a range of solutions developed to enhance the performance of the SiteZone proximity warning system by increasing alarm integrity.

Service and Support

SiteZone has an effective nationwide network of knowledgable support engineers. They can also offer a comprehensive range of after sales service packages if you need them.

Don't just take our word for it

SiteZone Case Studies

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Suttle Projects

Making anti-collision a priority for workers on a complex trackside project.

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