Improving safety in North America

Hill & Smith Inc.

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GKD are delighted to be partnering with Hill & Smith Inc. to bring our SensorZone proximity warning system to the United States.

We strongly believe that, together, we can utilise innovative technologies like SensorZone to help improve the safety of American workers in the infrastructure and construction industries.

About Hill & Smith Inc.

Hill & Smith Inc. are an industry leading manufacturer of an extensive range of transportation safety products.

Their history dates all the way back to 1824, when Edward Hill and Henry Smith founded Hill’s Ironworks in the United Kingdom. Fast forward nearly 200 years later, Hill & Smith are now a multi-national and multi-faceted organisation operating in markets including the UK, Europe, Australia and the US.

Today, they design, manufacture and market products, services and software, with a mission to use new and emerging technologies to improve work zone safety.

The partnership

With the many road and rail infrastructure improvement projects that are ongoing in the US, there is an ever-increasing focus on worker’s health and safety. We believe that the SensorZone product can be a key tool to help reduce the numbers of accidents and fatalities on such projects.

Hill & Smith Inc’s vast experience in the American construction and infrastructure industries means they are expertly placed to help GKD expand the reach of SensorZone. They will act as the main distributor for the product in the United States market.

When asked about the partnership with GKD, Gary Lallo (President and CEO at Hill & Smith Inc.), said:

Typically, our products are designed to improve safety by preventing vehicles from entering work zones. By partnering with GKD to bring SensorZone to the US market, we can now advance safety within the work zone through collision prevention and proximity warning. We endeavour to help create a world in which every worker is protected from preventable and often tragic accidents. Integrating SensorZone technology into our work zone safety solutions will help us in that mission.

David Perez, CEO at GKD Technologies, also added:

We’re extremely pleased that Hill & Smith Inc. are going to be a distributor of our SensorZone system in North America.

It’s important for us to find partners who share our passion and drive to improve workplace safety. We are excited to collaborate with Hill & Smith Inc.; they bring a wealth of knowledge and insight, and we see huge opportunities to integrate our product with their wider offering. Supporting them to deliver on their mission and help US workers get home safely every day.

If you’d like to learn more about Hill & Smith Inc., why not check out their website or social media pages?