Meet the Team

We chat to our Technical Product Manager, Tom!

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Our ‘Meet the Team’ series is designed so that you can get to know us friendly folk at GKD a little bit better.

Next up, we’ve got our Technical Product Manager, Tom!

What’s your name, job title and how long have you been at GKD?
Hi, I’m Tom! I joined GKD in March this year (which I think makes it my six month anniversary this week) and I am a Technical Product Manager.

Before you joined GKD where did you work / what did you do?
Before joining GKD I was a Product Manager at Stannah Stairlifts. I started off working as an Assistant Product Manager and over the eleven years I was there, I worked on the full range of products and became the UX Design Manager. That involved identifying opportunities where digital and emerging technologies could be used to improve or enrich customer experiences (and not just those on the stairlift!)

What do you like about your job?
I love building things and always have. Whether thats a product, or building a positive customer journey, it’s great that I get to be involved from the start to the finish. It’s important to me that products create value for their user – at Stannah the products were life altering for people – at GKD I think we would class them as life lengthening, which is also a good thing!

What are you looking forward to over the next six months?
Having started in the midst of a lockdown I am really looking forward to getting out and about to meet customers and dealers, as well as getting to know the GKD team better.

Tell us about those phrases you picked to describe yourself!
Well I am a new dad and to be honest that feels pretty all-encompassing right now so that was an easy one. I think that most people would say I talk a lot and have lots of energy, thats probably why I like going to the gym and playing football and cricket. My time as the lead ballerina is probably a story for another day though..!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Tom. Keep a look out as we get to know more of our team members over the coming weeks!

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