Meet the Team

We chat to our Senior Software Engineer (and one of the many Andy's at GKD!), Andy C!

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Our ‘Meet the Team’ series is designed so that you can get to know us friendly folk at GKD a little bit better.

Next up, we’ve got our Senior Software Engineer, Andy!

What’s your name, job title and how long have you been at GKD?
I’m Andy Coetzee and I started as a Senior Software Engineer in May 2021. I am another one of the new boys on the block!

Before you joined GKD where did you work / what did you do?
Before GKD, I worked at Sierra CP Engineering developing the firmware for the next generation of vehicle test cell data acquisition products. This work gave me exciting insights into technologies that I had not been exposed to previously.

What do you like about your job?
I’ve always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives, so working on the GKD safety products allows me to develop solutions that could save lives.

What are you looking forward to over the next six months?
Definitely helping to grow the safety product range. Not only in continuing to save lives, but adding value that could ensure the predicting of safety hotspots and preventing life-altering incidents before they happen.

Tell us about those phrases you picked to describe yourself!
I am excited about the fast-changing technological advances taking place in the world. Being a radio ham, gives me a hobby that allows me to use technology to communicate with people all over the world. As we live in exciting times, I am passionate about pushing the barriers to look for the right solutions to problems. I am an immigrant from South Africa, and only been here 2 and a half years – totally loving the people and country! I still find the world an exciting place, and still trying to put my mark on it – like a teenager!

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about Andy. Keep a look out as we get to know more of our team members over the coming weeks!

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